THIS WEEK: Hell House

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Hell House

Don’t worry its nothing weird, well nothing too weird.
This week Ana and Bec will bring us an american made doco about a particular group of Christians in ….America.
We will follow this by a discussion of the film and the style of evangelism it presents.
Feel free to bring nibblies for the film, in fact DO bring nibblies for the film (if you can).
And we’ll see you wednesday night!

Mentoring night

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Next Wednesday,

Di and Anne are coming to talk to ALL the young adults aged people about mentoring within the church (?).

I know nothing beyond this, I suggest you ask them if you are interested.

I do know that it will be a good night.

Terry’s next Wednesday

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Hi all,

We are on Terry’s tucker this coming Wednesday.


a) show up around 3pm to help Isobelle, Bec and few others (we’re light on) get set up and started

b) show up between 3-6 to help

c) show up at 6pm to serve food/be at Terry’s

d) show up at 7pm to clean up

e) all of the above

Chicks that Rock

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Ignoring the corny title, but our very own Isobelle will be playing up at Ruby’s in Belgrave this coming Thursday 26th July.

Check it out here

Being her housemate, I’ve had the privaliage of hearing some of her new songs and they’re fantastic!

$10 for the night. That’s Iz + 3 others. How good! Come along.

long time…no post

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hey guys, i go away for a few weeks and this site grinds to a halt – hmmmm…perhaps this site is even more superfluous than i thought! – no matter.
wasn’t wednesday night great?! it was so great to be together in such an intimate space and see a bit of God together.
thanks for everyone who came and for tim who put most of it together, and for those who stayed back and indulged my holiday snaps!

now onto more …….important’s the wrong word………matters:
The MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival) is on at the moment and I for one (who would have guessed) am keen to go see some of the more alternative celluloid and i know i’ve got company in ana, bec and geoff. so if you’re interested in seeing some wicked cool films in amazing venues like The Regent let me know by commenting.
So far the standouts for myself look to be:

Eagle vs. Shark (NZ) D’s&T’s
Once (UK, I think?) D’s&T’s
Sicko (US – Michael Moore’s newy) D’s&T’s

if there’s anything else that looks to be a standout please comment or let me know, but by commenting its like more of an open convo for everyone and saves me relaying messages….so…..COMMENT!

I’ve gotta buy tickets so if you could let me know asap, because tickets sell super fast! (and let anyone else know who isn’t like to check the site). I’ll have to get tickets on saturday at the latest!
Eagle Vs. Shark

check this out! …only if you really want to….

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hey guys,
as most of you know, I’m in bali now so check out my blog, very new so little, hmm make that NO history.
see you all at Iz’ party!

love lots
jess v

This Week: 20th June

•June 19, 2007 • 2 Comments

Hey guys,
we’ll be having youngads at Tim O’s house this week so hope to see you there.
If you’re unsure as to where that is just contact one of us or meet at the church, Iz i’ll be there after Terry’s so you should be able to find your way.
See you then!